Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Life is all about relationship, all other things are details. I must thank you all for your comments on the 1st piece in this series. However, I will be most grateful if you go and do-the-word. Like I said, everything rises and falls on relationships-just like leadership. I know I’m suppose to go ahead discussing one of the types of relationships(mentoring) I did mention but I’m not gonna do that in this piece. You’ll permit me to still lay some foundation in this ‘school of relationships’. I hope after reading, you’ll know why.

Now, 2nd Kings 3:1-17 talks about king Joram- king of Israel. There was a rebellion from the king of Moab; refusing to pay his ‘tributes’. Hence, king Joram decided to go into war with him. However, he was wise enough to invite King Jehoshapat, the king of Judah. The summary is this, it got to a point that K.Joram became frustrated that God had brought them into that battle to be killed.Can you imagine? He brought others into the war-front but was giving up. Thank God for the choice of a friend who now asked, ‘Is there no Prophet of the Lord with us?’ Yea! They found Elisha; from one of the servants (again, relationship).There was still another problem. Elisha didn’t want to relate with K.Joram (double wahala).He finally did and prophesied-‘you shall not see rain or wind...’, just because K.Jehoshapat was on his envoy. I’ll ask again, what kind of relationship do you have? Can/will they deliver you in trouble?

Can we go a step further? Even our master, Jesus, He had to develop relationship-his disciples and like LDP said, Jesus developed a relationship before performing his first miracle. I tried to think and please see the result of my thought. You see, Jesus was a controversial figure. His birth for instance. People wouldn’t have believed Him. In fact, it was stated that He couldn’t do many miracles in His homeland. Now, for Jesus’ ministry to be effective, He had to select men whom the people were used to...fishermen, an accountant, a custom officer...What wisdom? They were also of diverse temperaments. So if Jesus could do this to get His ministry on; how about you and I. Do decide and choose wisely. Quite a lot of other references from the greatest book on earth.

Let’s look at another; see, in Ephesians 6:13-18, the bible talks about putting on the armour for warfare. You will agree that there was protection for almost every part of the body (belt of truth; breast plate of righteousness, helmet of salvation etc) except the back. What does that imply? Can you please for a moment picture yourself in a battle accompanied with other fellow soldiers. I believe you wouldn’t mind who/ what is behind you cos a fellow of yours will be there. That’s just what it implies. The bible didn’t give a provision for what should be behind because those that should be there are our ‘relationship partners’. Makes sense? So how many of those friends of yours can be behind you and give positive comments even when you are not there? Can you be recommended?

I must also say that though relationships could be your greatest assets, it could also be your greatest
threat. That’s why there are; SUBTRACTORS, DIVIDERS, ADDERS AND MULTIPLYERS. Seek for the last two. Though the first two could also be learning points...hmmmh.

Quickly, before I drop, I also think I should share on the levels of relationship so you don’t go and become a victim; 1.Acquaintance level 2.Friendship level 3.Covenant/Accountability partner level. See, you must not jump this order in building’s step by step

1.Acquaintance level: this is the ‘hi hi’ level. You just know each other by name. Exchange pleasantries and that’s about all. You just know the person.

2.Friendship level: at this point, you begin to know some details. He/she actually becomes your friend. You assist one another in time of need. Know some bits of each other’s secrets. You network! Rich men know these principles and that’s why they keep like-minded folks close by. hmmmh; ‘Iron sharpens iron ; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend’(Proverbs 27:17).This also begins on a casual level before it becomes intimate. See, ’the poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich has many friends’-Proverbs 14:20

3.Covenant/Accountability Partners: this is the climax and a classical example is the relationship between Jonathan and David. This person knows virtually everything about you. Your weaknesses, pains, joys, disappointments etc Usually many folks have this as their as spouses but since most of us don’t have one yet, then? But those on this level should be few, 1, 2 or 3 at most for obvious reasons. ’A man that has friend must show himself friendly and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother’-Proverbs 18:24.

Hope we learnt...

I’ll be back with ‘mentoring relationship’, next. Go develop godly ones. I love you for real.

Be all YOU CAN!