Thursday, July 29, 2010


Some days ago, I was privileged and honoured to speak to a group of women (World Wide Flame Gospel Women, Kaduna, Nigeria) based on an invitation for the third time in about a year. It was indeed a great pleasure. I thought to write to you some of the truths I shared with those folks.

I want to quickly state that I have titled this; HEARING GOD and not ‘SPEAKING’ GOD because I’d want you to know that God is always speaking. In fact, one of His first activities in the bible was that- ‘...and God said’. When you look from Genesis down to revelation, He was always speaking- to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus etc. Time will not allow me to give details of each of this. What I’m I saying? It is not in the speaking cos He always does, it is in the hearing. My focus in this piece is to show the importance and ‘the how’ of hearing.

Someone has said that when God wanted to create fishes, He spoke to the waters, when He wanted to create plants, He spoke to the ground and when it was time for the man, He spoke to Himself. See, the fish cannot live without the waters nor the plant outside the ground and for man, you got it right, you/I cannot live without God and that’s why we have a lot of ‘living corpses’ as well as chaos all around us because you have a lot of folks who are separated from their source. What I am saying is that man was not designed to lead himself. You were not equipped to guide or direct yourself. Guidance is/should be from JA. (This is what the LORD, your Defender, the Holy One of Israel, says: I am the LORD your God.I teach you what is best for you. I lead you where you should go-Isaiah 48:17 GW Translation) You and I have dissipated energy unnecessarily before now, and so it’s hightime we heard God. It is an edge (I mean-the edge) we have over others. ’My people’ out there have called it the gut feeling, others still have called it the sixth sense. Well, just hear God.

Mankind remained because Noah heard and obeyed God’s instruction. Our dear father Abraham began a journey into greatness and blessings when he heard-‘God said’. Should we talk about Isaac who was rather instructed not to go to Egypt just like His father did during the famine. How about the Children of Israel who were led by the pillar of cloud by day and the column of fire by night? The Urim and Thummim as well. Can we mention David who was always in constant conversation/consultation with the Father. Talk about the great prophets (minor/major).The commonest thing among all of these men was that they HEARD GOD. That is the distinguishing factor, dear friend. Master Jesus also made a profound statement; ‘I can of myself do nothing: as hear, judge: and my judgment is righteous; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of him that sent me’-John 5:30 ASV. Now tell me, if Jesus could do nothing of His own, how much more, you and I? As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Pal, your sonship is in your hearing. Another thing I notice about Jesus among many others is that we are always told that He went to certain mountains to pray, this implies that before the miracles, He had to consult the Father and so before we face life’s battle, we need to face God first.


Now let’s get to the how. Many of us must have heard some of these and I need to bring some of

them to your remembrance:

1. FELLOWSHIP: this simply means an active relationship where you rob minds. Let’s see how we could fellowship;

a.The Holy Spirit: God the Father was in creation, God the Son in restoration and the Holy Spirit is with us. Jesus promised the’ alos paracletus’. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus, Paul says...and the communion of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14). The Holy Spirit should be our best friend-our senior partner. When this fellowship is alive, hearing God will be easy.

b.Worship: when you make this a life style, you get access to hearing the father. David became a man after God’s cos he was a worshiper. True worshipers are God hearers.

c.Meditation: when Joshua was worried as to how to lead the children of Israel, that word came to Him-this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you will MEDITATE...Joshua 1:8-another key factor in hearing.

d.Prayer: this is one of the core keys to unlocking the channel for hearing. Praying in other tongues is also key. You get to charge up yourself. The spirit comes alive.


2.ISOLATION: this is the key to revelation. There should always be time for retreat. God is not always in our busy schedule. Activity is not synonymous to achievement. Elijah saw wind, fire...but God was not on any of those. He came in a still small voice. Many times he comes this way and so it will take some form of isolation to access this.

These are some of the ways to hear Him and ultimately do His will.

Haven said all these, it will be expedient to state some hindrances to hearing and they include; fear, doubt, sin etc while the ‘acid-test’ to know what God has/will say include; His word. If you ‘hear’ anything that is contrary/opposes the word, then it is not God. God and his word are one and the same and so, no ‘voice’ that opposes his word can be said to be true. You get? The other one is the inner piece. You may be distracted, tempted, delayed and what have you but if you have that inner piece then there is no need to worry. Come on, I have been there-it is a knowing beyond your ‘knower’ that God has spoken. God said it, I believe and that settles it.
I’m sure we learnt. Also see: Isaiah 55:5, John 10:1-5
It shall be well.

Be all YOU CAN.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man-Psalms 118:8

Some time ago, I came across the above scripture in an interesting manner and I have now decided to write this as a reminder to folks who have seen it and also as a source of information (revelation) to some others.

Let’s begin. This is what I want you to note- the above scripture is at the centre of the bible. How do I mean? Prior to Psalm 118, there are 594 chapters and after Psalm 118 are 594 chapters. Now, if you add these figures, (594 + 594) what you get is 1188 and you’ll remember the text we’re looking at is; Psalm118:8. Does that sound interesting to you? And don’t you also think it is worthy of mention? Do you think it is a mere coincidence? I bet to state a big no to the last question.

This is what God wants us to see.The centre/middle of a thing signifies it’s core; it signifies the heart of a matter. The Psalmist is now informing us that at the core/centre/middle/heart of God’s word is to put our trust in Him. I want to ask, has there been where (consciously/not) you put your trust, then you need to ‘wake up’ for God ain’t pleased. You need to have a rethink-be transformed.

Now permit me to explain word for word. ‘It is better’; you see, there is a comparism here. What this implies is that, in life, we have various options to choose from. Life has given us a lot of options but of course the most important of them all is human (the human being is the greatest resource ever created). We were made in the image of God, we are gods so there is a tendency to ‘compete’ with God but we are reminded here that it is better to put our trust in God than man. I hear GOD say, ‘for your sake son/daughter, it is better to trust in me than your fellow man’. It is BETTER, dearie, it is BETTER. No wonder somewhere else His word says, trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all you ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. I know I am on a series on ‘building human relationships’, however, I show you a more excellent Friend, see God as your source (of whatever). I mean-the source and see men as your means. That’s the balance. You get?

What I have stated in the paragraphs above are what I came across. Further still, I went ahead to do a ‘synthesis’(no wonder His words are new every morning) and found out that if you add all the chapters of the bible, they will make up to 1189 and so I decided to look at Psalm 118 again. Look at what Psalm 118:9 says; ‘It is better to TRUST in the Lord than to put confidence in princes’. Now this is for the class of those who belong to the class of the bourgeois or possibly have the big shots as their associates and/or sponsors. Those whose lives have been dependent on the resources of men with ‘timbre and calibre’ (prince) need to begin to look up. Am I communicating? cos I feel like preaching here. The best of man is still man, no matter how highly placed they are. Trust God more. Let him be primary and the prince, secondary.

The two (2) scriptures prove to me that no matter your state (prince or mere man) or who you know; the key to your success is to put trust in Him. You have an option not to but it is better, yes, it is.

Summarily, God should be at the centre of our lives. He should be the reason behind every thought, decision and action. This is the crux. This is the whole matter.

Quickly let me show you 2 perspectives that may enable you maximize this better:

You must come to the understanding of the fatherhood nature of God. We are His workmanship (poiema-His product, His fabric). God actually makes no junk. Everything He made, he called good and this does not exclude man-the prime of His creation. Man (you and I ) are the reason for all other creatures. Those creatures were perfectly created by God for our ‘consumption’. This understanding should enable us put our trust in Him. How about His love? He didn’t spare His Son; His only son. How much more? Perhaps some of us do/did not have the best of fathers and so we have not been able to see God as one. However, I can tell you He is. Get this understanding, friend and your trust ‘temp’ will increase.

Secondly I want you to see what my dear friend (LDP*) wrote at about the same time i was composing this,

"In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them." - Psalm 22:4

I was about to leave Singapore to New Zealand when my Dad called me into his room and his words to me are still resounding till date. He said, "Son, you are no longer a kid and since you knew your left from your right, you have seen the way I and your Mum live our lives. You see the way we rely on God for everything and nothing we own came without we trusting in God for it". He rounded off the Father-to-Son talk by saying, "as you have seen us behave, you should also emulate - learn to trust in God for everything and it shall be well with you". Those were the words, I held on to on my way to New Zealand.
I tell you, since I got to New Zealand, I've faced mountains - challenges that looked insurmountable but what I've learnt to do is to trust and God has always seen me through those situations. I must confess, there is something about the testimonies of our fathers that gives us confidence on our God. No wonder, several times in the scriptures, God would remind the Israelites how he delivered their fathers - from slavery in Egypt; how their shoes and clothes didn't fade even in the wilderness and how he fed them for those long years...

Ultimately friend, PUT YOUR TRUST COMPLETELY ON HIM-that is the core of HIS word.

*LDP is sure a great guy. I met him on FB and he has been a great blessing and a brother indeed. He is a voice to be heard, I must also confess. You need to see more about his great works here

Be all YOU CAN!