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Our nation has been plagued by a great number number of challenges(problems if you want to call it) for years now and if a question was to be put forward on what the major problem really is, you will either say we have a leadership or a corruption problem.Well, i bet to disagree with anyone who concurs with the above. However, do not crucify me until you hear me out.

I believe strongly that the problem we have had in this country is neither leadership nor that of corruption(at least not first –quote me-it is a LOVE problem). Love, hmmh, that rings a bell(ladies/guys, you feel me?). You are talking about national transformation and you are bringing in love, which one concern love again o,i hear you say.Give me some more time. Ok? Back to business, what i am saying is that as a nation, what is at the bane of our problem is the LACK OF LOVE. How do i mean? See, the root of what has generated to poor leadership, corruption and what have you is the lack of this key element. Yes, i have said this enough. When i mean love, i am not talking about that boyfriend/ girlfriend issue, that will be for another day.As a nation, if the foundation of our problem is not known, we can never profer solution. Whatever is the law that is passed, if we donot address the foundational problem of love, there won’t be any significant progress.I’ve said severally re-branding should not be the priority. How do you re-brand a nation with no brand.Thats another long story.
I need to continue by defining what this love is-it is a feeling of selflesness(my definition)Looking into the Oxford learners dictionary, it defines love as a deep or intense affection. Obviously, from these definitions, this is lacking in our system. If our leaders had seen themselves as people who are to be selfless and with deep affection for the populace, the thought of being corrupt will be far from the question. My Bible tells me to love God and love my neighbour as myself. For us to get any better as a nation, the love(fear) of God and fellow humans cannot be downplayed. You see, the greatest resource ever created by God is the HUMAN RESOURCE.None other is as powerful, great or effective.My challenge to all is that we must have a deep and sincere love, one to another. However, in our part of the world, this is less treasured.How do we then think we can progress.It is time we left servant-leadership to what i call love-leadership else we will never succeed as a nation.

In his latest book(multiply your success-lead) Sam Adeyemi stated that ‘love helps you appreciate each person’s worth. It helps you to recognize people’s potential and to want to add value to them. Whatever you do for man, you are actually doing for God because every human being is an extension of God .This attitude changes everything. When love is absent, greed, envy, selfishness, malice, rejection, hatred and such vices manifest in abundance. People succeed at the expense of others. He also stated that when leaders do not love the people they lead, it causes the spread of the cancer of self-centredness in the system’. Hey, love empowers a leader and increses his/her inflence. Love opens you up to creativity. When you feel that someone deserves the highest quality of life, you would begin to get ideas on how to make it happen.

Do you remember Henry Ford and his decision to resign from a company he formed just because he wanted Americans to own their cars-that was practical love. Permit me share that story. Henry Ford, a mechanic, after he had developed the petrol engine began to manufacture and sell cars but only rich people could buy his cars. Then he suggested to his directors that they make cheaper cars. His directors did not buy his idea. They were making good profit and there was no need to change something that was working. Ford resigned from the first company he founded and started another one. They began to to produce the Ford model T, a cheaper version. One day he announced that they were increasing production to one thousand cars per day.His directors were concerned, wondering who would buy the cars. He said ‘let’s produce them anyhow; i want every family in America to be able to afford a car’.Dearie, that was love.Money was not his motivation. He wanted to make life more convenient for people. The more compassion he had, the bigger this vision grew.Thus, the greater the compassion of our leaders for its citizenry, the more we can attain our vision(whether 2020/2025).
Before, i stop i should state that at the time i was thinking on the day of transfering this piece from paper and pen where i wrote it months ago to the system, a friend (Promise at work) posted this;

Now, take a look at this...


From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:

What Equals 100%?
What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been in situations where someone wants you to

How about ACHIEVING 101%?

What equals 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help
answer these questions:



Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


H-A-R-D-W-O- R- K

8+1+18+4+23+ 15+18+11 = 98%


K-N-O-W-L-E- D-G-E

11+14+15+23+ 12+5+4+7+ 5 = 96%


A-T-T-I-T-U- D-E

1+20+20+9+20+ 21+4+5 = 100%

THEN, look how far the love of God will take you: 

L-O-V-E-O-F- G-O-D

12+15+22+5+15+ 6+7+15+4 = 101%

Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that:

While Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will
get you there, It's the Love of God that will put you over the top!

To achieve greatness in our dear nation, obviously, the love for God and fellow humans cannot be neglected. My challenge is not just to leaders but to every Nigerian; we need to put on the garment of love because if i love my neighbour, i will never think of doing things that will harm my fellow citizen such as taking from our common resource. So please, brace up and let the ‘fever’ of love spread across our hearts and our nation.Like i said move from servant-leadership to love-leadership. Nigeria will be great, i believe. I believe that your destiny and mine will not be aborted.We are destined for greatness,we will succeed and not fail.
I believe this will be a series so stay tuned for another piece on NATIONAL TRANFORMATION.

Be all YOU CAN!

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