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About a week ago, my good friend, Sola organized an event he called Jamb 2010 Colloquium that had over 300 Jambites in attendance. It was targeted at giving them a first hand information on what they will be facing a week from then and much afterwards. It was indeed a huge success and i celebrate my friend. Anyway, i have not come to tell you about jamb but what caught my attention at the event. Some of those students wore shirts that carried the words; ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’ behind. That caught my attention and provoked me to write this piece, finally though i had it in mind earlier. I am about two and a half-decade old and i have been hearing those words even when i was a toodler. You remember that song; ‘parents, parents, listen to your children, children, they are the leaders of tomorrow, tomorrow...bla, bla, bla’.

My question now is; who are the leaders? Where are they? When is the tomorrow? I should quickly state that this piece is dedicated to the Nigerian youth. You will agree with me that the men who have ruled this nation since independence  are still in the helm of affairs and i still keep wondering. As if to make matters worst, earlier today i saw on the Thisday newspaper front page that Nigeria’s political maradonna, IBB said in an interview on the Hausa service of BBC that; ‘Younger Generation Can’t Rule Nigeria’. I would ask you to please go read the full interview. Meanwhile, look at his answer to some of the questions (this concerns our discussion today)

Dont you think it is time to allow the younger generations take over from you the older ones as it happened in America and other parts of the world?
IBB: Honestly, it is our wish that God will bring the younger people that will take over from us if they are available. I was the one who introduced the politics of new breed in this country.
Why didn
t you step aside and give the younger generation a chance to lead since they are fresh and strong?
IBB: Because we have seen signs that they are not capable of leading this country and so we feel we should help them.  May be they are not given the proper education that is why.  I have spent 17 years since I left office. 
Haba! The younger generation is supposed to be in charge by now.

But a country like Nigeria cannot be ruled by people without experience. People like the Obama that you are speaking about have the experience. He started from the state House of Assembly to the House of Representatives and to the Senate. If our youths are like this, we will say they have the requisite experience. But we have not reached that level.

I believe this should be a wakeup call or rather a slap to every sane Nigerian youth. He mentioned some important points such as our lack of experience and lack of proper education etc. Before you start being defensive and the rest please hear me out for a little moment. I have been a very serious critic recently. Time will not allow me to tell all, but some of my initial write-ups will have shown you that. Just some weeks ago, my newest mentor and i spoke for about 4hrs (between 7pm and 11pm) and because i insisted on a subject i was so bent on, we couldn’t talk much-he latter sent me a mail ‘warning’ me as regards it. More so, Dale Carnegie, in his book’ ‘how to win friends and influence people’ stated that; ‘don’t criticize, condemn or complain’. Having said all this i’ll like us to logically make some analysis to enable us know why these men are still relevant and why they still want to remain. See, most of these guys are military personnel’s have been able to use some of these military principles to stay alive. I will point at some of these and you will now judge if the Nigerian youth is ready to indeed ‘take-over’.

  1. Discipline: this is simply the practice of training people to obey rules and others; a method of training your mind or body or of controlling your behaviour. I think this goes down well with a typical soldier; the rigours in the military world has entrenched into them the drive to be disciplined. They face various harsh and unpleasant conditions. Nevertheless, they get going. How disciplined are you? You closest friend? A typical Nigerian youth don’t want to delay gratification. He wants it now. It is sharp, sharp, now, now or never.
  2. Winning mentality: the consciousness of continuous victory and a never die spirit is enshrined in a military personnel. Never give up, we must win the battle. Victory, victory is the watch word. What is the percentage of the Nigerian youth have such spirit? Do they believe they can surmount the eminent opposition?
  3. Not inferior: the military man has a great esteem for his job. He is fearless. He does harass you on the street. He is thought to take pride in what he does. No matter his pay, he works as if he is the most paid.

To succeed, we must be like these military men in our minds-not character though. Some scriptures are beginning to make more sense to me; be soldiers of Christ; the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; we wrestle not against flesh and blood. aaaaaaaah! These are military terms.
Friends, these and many others are some of the principles that the military man has learnt. These guys have paid tremendous prices to have gotten there. I strongly believe that the reason why we have not had this major transformation is that we have not had men who have paid the price that some of these men have (permit me, i’m just looking at things from both sides of the coin). So it will be a disaster to hand over the baton. I believe this is not only limited to politics but the business world, as well as the spiritual sphere. There is no doubt that some of these men may be selfish and greedy. Nevertheless, let’s play our part and see if they will not naturally phase-out. Before/While you criticize IBB, how far have you gone. It was shocking that while having a discussion with some folks, a good percentage of them still said that when they get there they will still steal. A Nigerian youth with that mentality? That was a shocker.
At the time i was saying that there should be a retirement age for politicians, they are telling us that until you  attain a certain age, you may not be able to occupy certain positions.

Haven said all these, my drive is to allow you wake up to the call. Be disciplined, join a political party, add your voice the the matters that concerns the development of these nation. Develop yourself. IBB said we don’t have experience. Of  course you can’t buy it, For now, go for knowledge, i believe Knowledge can compete favourable with experience. Be relevant. We are the leaders-not of tomorrow but of now. The tomorrow they talked about yesterday is where  we are living in now. You children and mine should only know these men in the pages of history. Friends lets do our home work.

Friend, what can i say more, it is OUR time. Take responsibility, dear and i’ll see on top of your world.
We will succeed as youths and as a nation collectively.

Unil then, become all YOU CAN.

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