Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi pals, it's been a while that homeboy got in here. One of those things ooo, it's gonna be better this year-i mean i'm going to come here more as we go on in the year.

Let me quickly thank my amiable brother and covenant friend, Moyosore Ekundayo aka LDP for giving me the most humbling award of the stylish and versatile blogger.Big up's, bro and to 'Mo(Fountain flows), the 'relationship guru' as well. Omo, una no say no matter the rules, you guys will also be awarded same oooo.

Now lets get to see those 7 interesting things about Bishop-no breaking of rules this

1.  I am a God-chaser to the core. I love God and desire to be all He has called me to. More so, my life is all summed up in His grace and so in case you see an atheist just refer him to me.

2. I know i am introverted, however, i just get different when i pick up the mic or face an audience. It's usually not the same me. I do turn back and say, na me be that.No be God?

3. I'm 'truly single' and... folks do wonder why and ask what i have been doing all the while. I even get to get recommendations.'s 'searching'.lol

4. I seem to be a 'feeler' and could be very very, i mean very emotional but i usually show 'bone face' and folks see more of the latter than the former but seriously, i dey 'feel'

5  I sing, write(no, i sing new songs than write them), teach, play the drums(less these days), rarely watch the 'guys' game(football) but makes mouth when guys begin to discuss it(that's how get informed). I like news like mad cos i learned a long time ago that for one to be relevant, he/she has to be updated.

6. I treasure my mum a great deal.Omo, after God na mumsy for now ooo.She's just been a blessing. I'm in the 'middle', having an elder brother and a younger sis. I am perhaps the 'odd' among them. See me in camera if u wan know

7. I am almost a perfectionist but the crazy thing is that i may not do it well since i cannot really 'measure' my result but i tend to be critical of others.

I know some of you have been tag, however you guys are the bomb: LDP, Myne Whiman, Kush, Moyeni(of the Fountain flow fame), Lighterlamp, Nakedsha, Imisi...that's about how far moi can go.

Now let's get to know 7 interesting thing about you and tag 15 others-i mean,

 Many thanks. Be all YOU CAN.


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